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Welcome to Nirucon Productions and the realm of Nicklas Rudolfsson, a musician and artist within the shadowy currents of the underground's creative flow.

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Latest update: May 26, 2024

Visionary Vexations Vibrations 2022 | Photo by Fredrik Olsson

About this page

This is a minimal and simple website, mainly featuring links to my musical projects and related activities.
To keep up with my latest updates, I recommend following the links to my bands and projects below. I also have my own Instagram account (@nirucon) where I occasionally post various updates. Feel free to follow me if you’re interested in that feed.

Instagram: @nirucon (sporadic posts and updates)
X: @nirucon (used very rarely)
Linktree: @nirucon

Doula Infernum live 2024 | Photo by Pontus Eriksson


More or less active bands/projects

Doula Infernum [ W | BC | IG | M ]
Genre: folk, doom, dark ambient
Unformulas [ W | BC | IG | M ]
Genre: epic death metal
The Funeral Orchestra [ W | BC | IG | M ]
Genre: funeral death doom metal
Runemagick [ W | BC | IG | M ]
Genre: death doom metal
Niru [ W | BC ]
Genre: mixed

Visionary Vexations Vibrations 2022 | Photo by Fredrik Olsson

Some of the old/ex or inactive bands/projects

Sacramentum, Visionary Vexations Vibrations, Necrocurse, Domedag, Heavydeath, Saltas, Gravfraktal, Masticator, Rotified + many more...

Various merchandise links

Nirucon Productions (mainly shirts etc)
Aftermath Music (Unformulas, Runemagick)
Hammerheart Records (Runemagick)
Osmose Productions (Runemagick)
NWN! Productions (The Funeral Orchestra)

Releases so far (May 2024)

Nirucon Productions


Sporadic releases of music on physical formats.


DJ Necrotic Noise

I play my favorites in death, black, doom, thrash...
Contact for booking!
Subscribe/follow my Spotify playlist with mostly classics...


I am the founder and co-organizer of Dödsmässa, a local event with underground live music and artists exhibiting their works. Started in 2021, it has grown to several events per year.
More information: