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Update march 2020


THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA has now recorded and mixed the new album “Negative Evocation Rites”. To be released via NWN! Productions within a few months. Hopefully before the summer. TFO will also play at UK Deathfest in August.

SACRAMENTUM‘s album “Far Away from the Sun” reissue on LP and CD will be released in a few months. Pre-orders starts March 6.

Update February 2020

TFO – live in Olso January 2020

A brief update with news about various projects I am involved in right now.

THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA is recording our second full-length album. The debut album was released in 2003 so it’s about time so to speak. The title will be “Negative Evocation Rites” and the album will be released on NWN! Productions later in 2020.
As for the music, it’s the same kind of style as the debut, but a lot darker.
In January we did the first live performance since 2003. It was at the Orgivm Satanicvm Festival in Olso. We will make a few more live performances in 2020.
We are open for booking requests during 2020 and 2021.

DEN TUNGA DÖDEN has recorded all the music for the debut album during 2019. What remains to be recorded is vocals. It has taken some time because we have been looking for a suitable voice for the project. Which we have now found. Hopefully the vocals and mixing will be done now in the spring. The album will be released via Ordo MCM asap.

RUNEMAGICK released a new album “Into Desolate Realms” and EP in the fall of 2019 so we will not make any new recording this year (I guess). But there will be some re-releases such as the “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep” Japan CD (remixed + bonustrack). We have three festival gigs this year, not sure if there will be any more than that.

The SALTAS project released our debut album “Mors Salis | Opus I” in January via NWN! Productions. A kind of minimal, twisted and obscure two-man project with only guitar, percussion and vocals. We have not planned what the next step for the project is, but there is more material recorded from the album session.

The resurrection of SACRAMENTUM is also underway. It has been a little slow and rusty to get started rehearsing drums for me and so on but we are starting to get closer and preparing for our first gigs at Deathfests in Holland, Maryland US and UK. It will be a “Far Away From The Sun” show, all in!
Together with Century Media Records we are working on a new exclusive vinyl reissue of “Far Away From The Sun” remastered from original mix and bonus track.
Then we have plans to record new material as well, there is actually already a title “Shadow of Oblivion”. The current plan is to continue where the “Far Away From The Sun” album ended. However, this is not something we will stress, it will take the time it takes to get it really good. There will certainly be some other things going on around the band as well.


TFO rehearsal MMXIX

I will continue with several bands and projects in 2020…
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PS. I have removed some pages from the website such as discography, needs to be redone. It comes when I have time.