Heavydeath and anecdotes

We (Heavydeath) recorded this album “Sarcophagus In The Sky” last summer. Listened to it now for the first time in a long time. Must say it’s one of the better albums I’ve written and recorded. Both Johan Bäckman (bass, mix) and Daniel Moilanen (drums) are doing a great job on it despite a recording time of just a few days.

An anecdote:
The main rhythm of the song “Sarcophagus In The Sky” is a little inspiration from and tribute to the band Tiamat (Treblinka) and the song “The Sign Of The Pentagram”. Do not know if there’s anyone else who hears that? There are some similarities with the logo as well 🙂

On more anecdote:
When we recorded, Daniel hit so damn hard on the drums (as he always do), so I had to stand in front of the kick drum or place a speaker cab there so the kit would not travel over half the room during a song take.