Flow and currents from N. Rudolfsson


It happens that I paint and do various kinds of artwork, logo designs etc when there is inspiration. I definitely don’t see me as a professional. This is just one of my creative “hobby” channels so to speak.

Here I present a small part of what I create. Some may possibly be for sale. If interested, send email to nicklas.rudolfsson@gmail.com

Logo for Morientum 2019

Astral Deity 2019

Part Of Universe Within 2019

Sorceress Reburned 2019

The Opening Of Dead Gates 2019

Requiem Beyond The Stars 2019

Necromancer Of The Red Sun 2019

The Red Sun 2019

Nocturnal Light 2019

Some more photos of “fresh” paintings from 2018/2019…

“No name yet” 2019

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