Runemagick – New York

The show in New York at Brooklyn Bazaar went well yesterday even though we were jetlagged as doom. But all of you who came gave us energy and power to summon the heavy tones of the magic runes.

Many many thanks to Vinny and Signature Riff for bringing us to New York! Everything went smoothly and we were well taken care of. Respect!

Special thanks to Henry Yuan (snow chaos therapy in the van), Jessa, Fred Estby, Robert, Jay Newman & Unearthly Trance, Evoken, Alexis (merch) and those we have forgotten to mention!!

And a huge thank you to all who came to see the show. We hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you!
/Nicklas, Emma, Jonas & Daniel

Apocalyptic Trance Ritual

Take it for what it is, so to speak. A stripped-down and minimalist interpretation.

Recorded live with a guitar, foot percussion and vocals June 2018.
Sorry for noise disturbances here and there, it’s me stomping on a bad cable to the sound card.

Alternative solo interpretation of a song I wrote around 2002 or 2003. Back then it was performed  and recorded by The Funeral Orchestra and released on the album “Feeding The Abyss” 2003.
Original TFO version here.