Sabotage – support

Sabotage, old doom metal/sabbath worship band from my area.
Still active from time to time but mainly for live shows with Sabbath covers.

Their old CD release needs to be released again and vinyl treatment! Maybe with some bonus material.
Support a possible future re-release at the bandcamp page!

Update September 2018

Runemagick had a great time at Kill-Town Deathfest. Many thanks to Daniel and crew for a really good arrangement. It was our first show since 2005 so it felt a bit new or “odd” for us and we had to relearn old songs again. We will play a few more shows this year (New York in November) and next year then we’ll see what’s happening.

The North American vinyl version of “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep” will be released soon.

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We’ve recorded some demos of new songs so we’ll see what’s going on next year…

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In addition to activities with Runemagick this fall I will try to continue with my project “Utter Obscurity“. There are some old early demos at the bandcamp page. Not so “good” but perhaps it may give an indication of how the project will sound.

If there is time this fall we will continue working on new Heavydeath material. There are some early demo versions of new songs but we have no hurry for new releases so we’ll see.

Saltas demo compilation will be released on CD this fall by Atavism Records.