I have had a great music interest as long as I can remember and started playing music early in my youth. In the late 80’s I was in several bands and then it has rolled on. There have mostly been bands and projects within the so-called underground metal scene.
My main interest is creating and composing music. I definitely don’t see myself as any good or professional musician but I try to do what I can with my creativity and flow of inspiration.

Active bands and projects

My current involvement in more or less active bands and projects: The Funeral Orchestra (funeral death/doom), Runemagick (death/doom), Unformulas (some kind of “industrial” metal of death) and Den Tunga Döden (doom metal), Gravfraktal (death metal) and Saltas (experimental dark music).

Sleeping bands and projects “on hold”

Necrocurse, Domedag, Bells of Doom…

Dead/old bands and projects

Sacramentum (well still active and I am still kind of involved in the background), Heavydeath, Masticator, Neurotic, Rapid Terrör … The list is long and will be completed later.

Nirucon Productions & NVP

I also release some of my own music via my micro-labels Nirucon Productions and Noise Vexation Productions.

Abysmal Noise Studio

My (our) own home studio. More info later (maybe).

Abysmal Noise Transmission Radio

My Spotify playlist, updated occasionally or infrequently…
Link: Abysmal Noise Transmission Radio