Updated January 2020

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2014 (from Heavydeath video)


I have been involved in many bands and projects over the years. Mostly in the so called underground scene of metal. To mention a few: RunemagickThe Funeral Orchestra, Den Tunga Döden, Necrocurse, Sacramentum and many more…
I also license and release music via Nirucon Productions.

New / Upcoming Releases 2020

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Saltas – “Mors Salis | Opus I” (LP)
2020 NWN! Productions
Den Tunga Döden – “Debut album – TBA” (LP)
2020 Ordo MCM
The Funeral Orchestra – “Apocalyptic Plague Ritual” (Digital EP)
2020 TFO Bandcamp
The Funeral Orchestra – “Negative Evocations” (The EP) (Digital EP)
2020 TFO Bandcamp
The Funeral Orchestra – “Negative Evocation Rites” (LP, CD)
2020 NWN! Productions, Ablaze Productions

Active Bands


Info: “Dark Death Metal” band. Active since late 1990 (with some breaks).
My role is guitar, vocals and composer.

Latest news and future plans: Latest album “Into Desolate Realms” released October 2019 on High Roller Records.
Available for booking: yes
Bandcamp: runemagick.bandcamp.com
Website: runemagick.se

The Funeral Orchestra

Info: “Apocalyptic Trance Ritual Doom Music”. Formed in 2002.

Latest news and future plans: A few live performances during 2020 + recording of 2nd full album to be releases on NWN! Prod.
Available for booking: yes
Bandcamp: thefuneralorchestra.bandcamp.com
Website: thefuneralorchestra.org


Info: “Melodic Epic Black Death Metal” band. Resurrected again!
My role is drums and composer.

Latest news and future plans: Will play at Netherland Deathfest and Maryland Deathfest in 2020 (or 2021 #coronavirus). A new album will be composed in 2020 as well.
Available for booking: yes
Bandcamp: sacramentum.bandcamp.com
Website: sacramentum.se

Active projects and collaborations

Den Tunga Döden

Info: From the ashes of Heavydeath a “new” project rose.
My role is composer and guitars.

Latest news and future plans: Record and release debut album via Ordo MCM.
Available for booking: not at the moment.
Bandcamp: dentungadoden.bandcamp.com
Website: dentungadoden.com


Info: “Decomposed Demented Darkness” collaboration duo project with one of the members from Irkallian Oracle. Started in 2017. My role is guitar, voice and composer.

Latest news and future plans: Debut album “Mors Salis | Opus I” recorded in 2019 and released January 2020 by NWN! Prod.
Available for booking: not at the moment.
Bandcamp: saltas.bandcamp.com
Website: saltas.net


Info: A project that exists on and off. We play some kind of death metal. Old songs written long time ago mixed with newly composed songs.
My role is guitar.

Latest news: Debut material will be released when the time is right. If it ever gets released.
Available for booking: Maybe.
Bandcamp: gravfraktal.bandcamp.com
Website: –

Old or hiatus/inactive bands, projects and collaborations

“Random list”: Necrocurse (death metal), Masticator (death metal ca 1989-1991), Neurotic (death metal ca 1992), Oderu (black/death ca 1993), Bishops of Gore (death metal 1990 or 1991), Rotified (death metal 90’s), Swordmaster (death/thrash 90’s), Bells of Doom (doom metal 2000), Heavydeath (heavy death/doom), Domedag (black/death), Rapid Terrör (speed metal), Utter Obscurity (dark slow ambient metal), Ur Sol, Deathwitch (black/death/thrash), Crusaders of Death (death metal 1989), Mentalist (speed/death early 90’s) and some more…