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Nirucon Productions

Nirucon Productions

In addition to licensing some of my own music (bands and projects I’m involved in) I/we also release records under the label name and some merch designs via “Nirucon Productions”.
I/we will primarily focus on my/our own music but it can be other bands and artists as well.


niru002 | Runemagick – “Enter The Realm Of Death” (MC) [order]
Released on tape (+ pin/button) in March 2019.
Tape limited in 50 copies ONLY, to celebrate ETROD 20 years for the hardcore fans.
Released by Nicklas Rudolfsson / Nirucon Productions.
100% official release licensed from Century Media Records.
Re-mastered from original mix by Johan Bäckman of Raven Noise Studio 2019.
Liner notes by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

niru001 | Domedag – “Domedagen” (CD) [order]
Rough-demo recorded 2016.
Relased on bandcamp December 31, 2016.
Released on CD January 27, 2017.
1st press 100 copies, 2nd re-press 50 copies, 3rd re-press 50 copies.
Later remixed (by Raven Noise Studio) and released on compilation CD by Archaic Sound 2018.

LICENSING (music, merchandise)

Contact: nirucon@gmail.com

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