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December 31, 2023

A kind of summing up usually belongs to this time of the year… Don't know why I'm actually writing this and or why I'm sharing it. But sometimes it's good to have a little reflection over a cup of water and there may be some who have an interest in my creative flow and composing etc.


2023 has been very far from good for private reasons. But I have been able to do some creative things in music after all.


Recorded pretty much all of the instruments for the 2nd Unformulas full album. 6 new songs of some kind of epic death metal written 2022-2023. In my opinion, it is quite a varied material. A natural development from the earlier material. Of course, it oozes some Runemagick here and there, which is hard to avoid, but it's still something of its own. Much more variations in tempo as well as more epic parts. When I listen to the raw mix of ongoing recording, the sound is quite rough and natural so to speak and it will be interesting to hear/see how the final result sounds sometime next year.

The vinyl version of Unformulas debut album "Post Mortem Visionary" finally came out after over a year's delay!

The vinyl and CD split “Aftermath of Death” with Unformulas and Ceremonial Death was released by Aftermath Music. The Unformulas tracks are a few years old, so it was about time they came out.


I started a new project called Doula Infernum together with Chrull and Dísa and wrote some music for it. There are only a few simple demos so far so it's hard to say exactly how the debut material will sound once we release something. But there are perhaps some vibes of TFO in it but also a mix of dark obscure death, folk, black and ambient. We will get back to what this trio will shape in the future.


Two gig arrangements of "Dödsmässa" #4 and #5. Where I was also a DJ under the name DJ Necrotic Noise. Both Black Wound and Bastard Grave delivered total death at the mass earlier in december.


Made a performance with my improvisational ambient project VVV at Kill-Town Deathfest and was also a DJ at Gloomy Sunday. As usual a really good festival so big kudos to Daniel & co for that! Of course I saw several good gigs at the festival as well, for example Vanhelgd which always crushes!


The vinyl version of the TFO split with Grave Upheaval has finally been released!


Runemagick released the album "Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind" and some reissues on Hammerheart Records. An album I'm still proud of. If it was to be our last it would be a good ending, not saying it is.


There have also been some other reissues with old bands/projects. The other day I mastered an album with my friend Chrull's project Stigma Yuga. For those of you who like to travel in dark soundscapes beyond metal, I highly recommend it once it's released.


The old home studio "Abysmal Noise Studio" was disbanded and the remains have been resurrected in a new place but now under the name "Necrotic Noise Studio" and it is mainly where I currently record my projects.


As for music I myself have listened to, the latest Spectral Voice song "Red Feasts Condensed Into One" has been played many times in recent weeks. Looking forward to their upcoming release "Sparagmos"! Might add that it was an epic SV gig at Unearthed Morbidity in Copenhagen this summer + Mortuous, Undergang, Fetid and more bands. Total support! The latest Autopsy album must be their best since Mental Funeral!!? There have probably been many more good albums released this year, but I haven't really kept up with everything. Now I remember a few more, the latest albums with Incantation and Obituary, they deliver as usual! And I must not forget to mention the final album with Urfaust "Untergang", a unique band in many ways (RIP). And the split with Spectral Voice and Undergang, killer!! Of course I've listened to a lot of other stuff as well, but it's mostly been old classics.

-= MMXXIV =-

Plans for 2024, I will probably mainly focus on the following…


Now this winter it’s time to record the first official debut material with Doula Infernum. A first short recording session actually took place today! We have also booked our first gig in April, probably with some kind of art performance as well. We will hopefully be available for more gigs.


Finalize the second album with Unformulas together with David.


Possibly there will be some creative work with other new music collaborations as well.


I will pause VVV in 2024 and I/we also have nothing else planned with other projects and bands like Runemagick or TFO that are known at the time of writing.


We will continue to arrange more gigs with “Dödsmässa”.


If there is anyone who wants to book me as DJ Necrotic Noise to play mainly classics in death/doom/thrash/black/speed metal but also some new stuff, just get in touch.

- - -

So now as I write all this I realize that a lot happened creatively this year after all and I hope that 2024 will be a better year overall.
"Now we turn the page" as the king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, once said.
Salute to all supporters and friends! May you all have a great 2024! Support the underground - to the death!
/Nicklas Rudolfsson


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